3 Logical Reasons To Consider Marble For Your Kitchen Remodel

3 Logical Reasons To Consider Marble For Your Kitchen Remodel


Marble has been a fashionable and common material used in many kitchens around the world and is considered one of the leading countertop coverings. It has an elegant look and is more durable than many other materials. However, marble’s reputation for needing high maintenance and being a demanding material has elevated over the last few years. Further-more, many individuals find it more expensive compared to other countertop options.


However, marble has made a comeback and has been displayed in the latest design magazines. Want to know why? Here are a few reasons to consider marble for your next kitchen remodel.


It May Not Be As Expensive As You Think

In defense to its over-priced reputation, marble is quite budget-friendly. The Rosso Levantino “/portfolio/rosso-levantino/” marble packs a heavy design punch and is quite affordable. Its darker color, in comparison to other marble types, makes it much cheaper. Regardless of its dark color, The Rosso Levantino “/portfolio/rosso-levantino/” marble still looks really amazing and is a viable option.


Furthermore, placing marble everywhere isn’t a necessary. You can choose a part of your kitchen or the island of your countertop to cover with marble. You can cover the remaining countertop with another covering material such as wood. For people who are not aware, marble and wood looks quite lovely together.


Maintenance Can Be Easy with a Little Attention

High maintenance is one of the main reasons why marbles has lost its popularity. It is indeed a fact that marble is high maintenance, however, no more than a stone tile or a hardwood floor.


A sealing job by a qualified marble contractor soon after getting a countertop installed could keep stains and dirt out of the porous surface. The treatment approximately lasts a year, after getting an application from a professional; you can manage future sealant applications on your own.


Overtime Etching  and Small Scratches isn’t an Issue

The etching of marble overtime isn’t a concern as it adds to the marble’s character, and there is no reason to worry about small scratches,  as marble’s texture can easily hide them.


Marbles can be perfect for your kitchen once you know how to properly treat them. They are a durable, beautiful, and ideal option for your kitchen. If you are planning a kitchen remodel would you consider marbles as a countertop material?


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