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Granite Trends for 2020: Home Renovation Project


Granite is the best solution for homeowners who want to add an aesthetic touch to their kitchens and bathrooms.

The reason why granite is so popular?

They are super durable, easy to maintain and visually enchanting. Granite checks all three important boxes that make for a beautiful home. Granite countertops can almost instantly elevate the charm of a room. This is one of the reasons why many homeowners are choosing to renovate their dull kitchens or bathrooms with granite. Think of it as an instant touch of elegance in one step.

Here are top granite trends you should look for in 2020 if you’re considering a serious home renovation project.

#1 – Simple and straight edge profiles are The New Cool

With minimalism and contemporary interior décor styles taking over the entire interior designing space, simple and straight edge granite tops have become the most trending choice for kitchen countertops. They give your kitchen counter a sleek minimalistic look with simplistic designs and tone which ensure that your kitchen countertop will never go out of style! Check out our collection of black Giresun Vizon granite stone at Turkish Marble Company to create an amazing sleep straight edge profiled countertop.

#2 – Grey granite countertops to suit modern kitchens the best

If all things about your kitchen are modernistic – from the sink styles to space management to flooring – a grey granite countertop would be a perfect pick in 2020.  You’ll also find collections of pure grey granite stones that come as off-white extensions which can really add all the modern look that you want in your kitchen. Check out the Bergama Gri Granit collection, which is our most-loved grey granite stone choice that’s a perfect fit for modular kitchens flaunting sleek, contemporary styles.

#3 – Waterfall Islands

The next big trend to look out for in 2020 is the waterfall islands which we believe is not here to go out of trend anytime soon. If you have a larger open floor plan for your kitchen and can afford to closely work with a fabricator, you cannot have this wrong! It helps add a glimpse of elegance and instantly changes the outlook of your kitchen. It also aids in making the room look spacious. Our Crema Imperial collection in Beige shades goes best with the waterfall islands trend, helping you create an elegant and sophisticated countertop.

#4 – Double thick granite countertops with ornamental edges

Next up on the list is the most loved classic Double-Thick-Tops-With-Ornamental-Edges. You’ll need an experienced fabricator to carry this out by first laying out a double-thick granite stone and then working on intricate cuts to create ornamental edges. If you’re someone who appreciates precision, intricate detailing and more texture and character in your interior designs, you’ll probably fall in love with this. Our favorite picks of granite stones for this trend would be the Green Verde Kiwi stone or the Aksaray Yaylak Grey Granite Stone. Both these choices would justify the ornamental edges look just as beautiful.

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