5 Common Myths About Using Marble in Your Home

5 Common Myths About Using Marble in Your Home


Debating on whether you should settle upon marble flooring, but skeptical about it because of all the different opinions you hear? There are many myths and misconceptions regarding marble as a material used in home decor that we can totally understand your hesitation. Turkish Marble Company can clear out these myths and put you at ease! Here are some of the most common myths about marble and our take on them.


  1. Used only for flooring:

People tend to only associate marble with marble flooring. However, marble has many distinct applications. It can be utilized as a wall cladding to draw an elegant and eye-catching statement. It can be utilized as tabletop or kitchen backsplashes, and also in the bathroom as a wall accent or the bathroom sink. As long as you select the right marble for the right application, it will look absolutely stunning in your home and give it a timeless look. The right quality matters too.


  1. Hard to keep clean:

People tend to shy away from using marble in their home because of the widespread myth that it is hard to clean or maintain. Turkish Marble Company recommend following a few simple tips for marble floor maintenance. Selecting the right quality of marble for the right application also matters. In the case of spills, gently whipping them with a soft cloth with mild soap and water will suffice to keep it clean.


  1. Gets too cold as a surface:

Marble is a great conductor of heat, which means it adapts to its surrounding ambient temperatures. While it feels cool to the touch, in actuality it is the same temperature as your home which will always be slightly cooler when compared to your body temperature.


  1. Unsafe as it can get slippery:

When Honed marble is used in marble flooring, it provides the surface with more grips when compared to polished marble. This is where the right application matters the most. Our Curators will advise you on the best marble to use for your desired application and the right maintenance and finish that would suit your flooring.


  1. Unsuitable for bathrooms:

Marble can most definitely be used in bathrooms – marble flooring is one way to go, and the other is as a highlight or accent wall piece. We highly recommend using honed marble on flooring applications to prevent any slippage. Keep in mind the basics of cleaning and maintenance to ensure your marble lasts longer and maintains its eye-catching aesthetics.


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