5 DIY Easy Bathroom Updates That Anyone Can do!

5 DIY Easy Bathroom Updates That Anyone Can do!


Turkey Marble Company knows it can often be a difficult challenge to keep up with all the modern trends in bathroom.

If an extensive bathroom renovation is not in your budget right now, here are 5 DIY easy bathroom updates you can try:


DIY Project #1: Reface your Cabinets.

Start by dismantling the cabinets, strip them of any coating, sand them, and brush them with the wood polish finish of your choice. Another good option is to repaint your cabinets a different color. Both options are great ways to bring a different color into your bathroom.


 DIY Project #2: Create Free Space.

Create storage space in your bathroom with some bright containers. You can use these to store blow dryer, hair pins, razors combs etc. Mason Jars can be painted to match any color scheme and will attach some personality to your bathroom. Or you can keep the containers transparent displaying the items within.


DIY Project #3: Paint the Ceiling.

A simple way to give your bathroom a fresh look is to paint the ceiling. Applying a new coat of ceiling paint is a great way to brighten your bathroom as aged paint can have a dull and stained look on bathroom ceilings due to moist.


DIY Project #4: Statement Lighting. 

Well placed and good lighting literally brightens a room. If you would like to be more energy efficient, switch your fluorescent light bulbs to LED energy efficient bulbs. They are more environmental friendly and gives brighter shine.


DIY Project #5: Change your Shower Curtain.

The tiniest of changes can make a huge difference. Try getting a neutral colored shower curtain with some defined texturing on it, or a bold print for a more accent piece.


There you have it, 5 simple DIY projects to upgrade your bathroom without hurting your wallet. Your bathroom will definitely be the talk of the next party, all thanks to Turkish Marble Company

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