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5 tell-tale signs you need a living room makeover


Your home is your abode. More so, the living room of your home is not just your abode, but also that of your friends and relatives who visit you. Your living room often reflects your personality and style, making a statement to your guests. A perfect living room is one that not only transcends your style and persona but is also cozy and attractive to others. Is your living room at its best? How would you know if you should consider some remodeling ideas for your living room? Sweat not. We’ve done the job for you. Here are 5 Tell-Tale Signs you need a living room makeover. Thank us later!

Spacing problems

Not enough room for everything and everyone in your living room? Maybe your living room needs an immediate makeover! Space issues in the living room are probably the first sign that shouts out for a makeover. If there’s not enough space for the console table, sofas and furniture, Teapot table and more – leaving you feeling all cramped down, it is a good idea to organize your space more efficiently.

Quick makeover tip: Before you consider a full-fledged makeover, try moving around your furniture and get rid of those which are unnecessary. You might just solve your spacing problem in a jiffy.

 Inappropriate Flooring

If your living room seems off because the furniture’s too bright or dull for the flooring, giving off old-fashioned vibes – you can consider a flooring shift. Living room flooring sets an overall vibe for the home and you just can’t go wrong with it. You may have chosen a flooring years ago which might be off-beat to your furniture and interiors today.

Quick makeover tip: Depending on the look you wish to create – from modernistic and minimalistic, to rustic and classic, choose from a plethora of marble flooring options to create bespoke outlooks that are also durable!

Bare walls

Bare walls in your living room can give off cold and empty vibes – removing all the coziness of your living room. Living rooms are meant to feel warm, where people find it easy to hold conversations. There is so much character and style you can add to your bare walls that can make your living room peppy and interesting in an instant!

Quick makeover tip: Dress your walls up by exploring interesting wall decor options like hanging baskets, large mirrors, framed paintings and other wall coverings that accent your style!

Out of place lighting

If your living room seems too bright to relax or too dull to feel energetic, you might have to consider a lighting makeover. Perfect lighting is the one that isn’t too dimmed out to carry on regular tasks in your living room nor is it too bright giving away solid office look to your living room. Finding a sweet spot between too bright and too dim is the way to go.

Quick makeover tip: Explore various kinds of lighting options that create the perfect ambiance. Choosing golden lighting by adding a few attractive table lamps can just do the trick.

The living room is the last place you want to hang out in

If you feel that your living room is the last place you wish to spend your time in, you should DEFINITELY consider a serious living room makeover. Living rooms can seem full of life and energy, making it everybody’s favorite place! From living room decors to furniture, you can play around with a bunch of options to create fresh outlooks that add more life to your living room.

Quick makeover tip: Make space for some succulents or other types of interior plants inside your living room. The life added by these green plants and creepers will amaze you!

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