5 things to consider when buying Travertine Stone


Travertine Stone can be a great investment for your home as it lends natural beauty to your home while also being extremely durable. Whether you are building a new home or are renovating an existing one, Travertine Stone can definitely add an elegant charm to your home. Its diverse styles, colors, and structures make it a one-stop-go-to stone choice, making it easy to install in various parts of your home. Use this blog as a brief guide to choosing Travertine Stone.

5 things you should consider when buying Travertine Stone

Select the space where you wish to use this stone

The first question you should answer when buying Travertine Stone is – Where do you want to use this stone? Depending upon your answer, you must choose between Hard Travertine Stone and Soft Travertine Stone. As a general rule, Soft Travertine Stone is suitable for indoor flooring or as countertops in the kitchen as they are pourous and cannot withstand the harsh wear and tear caused by natural weather when used in outdoor areas. Conversely, Hard Travertine Stone is generally used for outdoor areas like balcony, porches, garden pathways and so on. Thus, depending on where you want to use Travertine, you should make your pick between hard and soft varieties.

The size outlay you’re looking at

Travertine Stone comes in various sizes from small mosaics to large slabs. Depending on the size of the area you want to inlay Travertine Stone, you should choose which ones to go for. The important thing to note here is that not all types of Travertine Stones can be custom cut to suit all flooring needs. Some types need to be laid out in large spaces while some are only suitable for outdoor use. Bottom-line: Consider what size you want before choosing the type.

 Choose from the diverse color varieties of Travertine Stone

Travertine Stone is available in a wide variety of light-colored hues making it a confusing choice. The color you choose must be in tandem with the theme of your home and the look that you’re trying to achieve. If a traditional look is what you’re eyeing at, neutrals like while, ivory and tan are great options. Choose from gold, rustic brown or light red to create a much warmer rustic look! Want to keep things contemporary and cool? Silver and Gray shades will do the job.

Consider the budget

It goes unsaid that you have to look at your budget before hoping on the idea of shopping Travertine Stone. Being clear on how much you’re willing to spend helps you cut out on the more expensive choices and simplifies your shopping experience. Since Travertine is a natural stone, it has a diverse price range to choose from and having a clear budget standard ensures you get the best value.

Check different variation in the tiles

All natural stones come with the factor of variation in their designs. Lower variation in the Travertine Stone reduces its uniqueness, making it a cheaper option as compared to a higher variation Travertine Stone. If you want to achieve a very elegant look for your home, sticking with higher variation stone is a good choice as it adds an attractive charm and uniqueness.


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