Marble has been a favored building material for thousands of years. Catching eyes with its elegance, style, and beauty, this material embellishes palaces for centuries of years. Till this modern day, marble is still popular for its beauty and classic view making it a timeless stone.


Tiles are known as thin shapes from slabs. They can be rectangle or square with different sizes. Tiles can be made from different materials such as marble and ceramic.


One can easily get confused when trying to compare ceramic tiles and marble tiles. In this article, we will go over the pros and cons of ceramic tile and marble tile.


Pros and Cons of Marble Tiles

Pros: The biggest advantage of marble tiles is that they will elevate the appearance of any space. There are also a great range of colors for marble. You can cut marble tiles into a rectangle also triangular shape.


Marble tiles flaunt a unique look with patterns and shades. Once you install marble tiles, it will create a stylish and beautiful look. It instantly makes a room more luxurious. Since no patterns are the same for each marble tile, you will acquire a look that is unique for your home.


Maintaining marble tiles is simple. Use a damp mop while sweeping.


Cons: Marble is relatively a soft material, so it can be chipped or scraped. During maintenance use a cleaner that is not too acidic. It is important that you should also periodically reseal marble tiles.


Marble tiles are a little more difficult to install than ceramic tiles. Installation can be complicated, so it’s best to always seek assistance from a professional.


The cost of marble tiles varies depending on the type. In general, they are more expensive than ceramic tiles.


Pros and Cons of Ceramic Tiles

Pros: It is really easy to install ceramic tiles. Compared to many other materials, ceramics are lightweight.


Most ceramic tiles are coated with a glaze which gives them a good protective top layer. They are waterproof and resistant to almost all stains.


You will find a wide range of design options for ceramic tiles. On the other hand, ceramic tiles are one of the more affordable flooring materials.


Cons: It can easily crack when heavy loads fall on its surface.


And even though the tiles being cold can be an advantage during summer, it may be so uncomfortable during winter season. You may need to wear a slipper or lay down a rug.


Although most ceramic tiles can be used as flooring, however, not all are right for a specific application.

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