Characteristics of Natural Stone Benchtops

Characteristics of Natural Stone Benchtops


Natural stone has been around for billions of years, and utilizing this material for benchtops has proven to be beneficial. There is no possible doubt that natural stone benchtops can magnify your home’s value. Natural stone benchtops are thought to be one of the most relished possessions of a household.


Natural stone has been renowned throughout history since its existence. Its use has benefited millions of satisfied individuals from a global standpoint. It has an extensive range of uses for house decoration or a piece of elegant furniture to name a couple.


One of the things to consider is that not everyone can acquire a natural stone benchtop. One of the reasons for this is that natural stone is not cheap. This is one out of many reasons why it can boost your home’s value. In the future, if you do think of selling your home, you will surely be happy with the result due to you investing in something with great worth.


Natural stone benchtops are strong and durable; however, they are not completely stain proof. So as much as possible, try to avoid spilling liquids on it to prevent stains that could result in further damage. If you happen to spill something on the benchtop, clean it immediately with a cleaner that is suitable for cleaning natural stone materials. Some natural stone benchtops can be damaged quite easily. Therefore to prevent possible damage, try being gentle in moving around the benchtop because you could hit with a hard object, resulting in cracks or even breakages that will somehow ruin its appearance and eventually lose its functionality.


Some of the most popular and most recommended natural stones are:

Quartz – Made from crushed pure natural quartz mixed with a small amount of resin and pigment can create a slab of natural strength and beauty.

Granite – Considered being one of the strongest of all natural stone materials.

Marble – Marble is porous and is quite soft. So it requires proper and gentle care. Marble is accepted by many to be one of the most beautiful natural stones on the planet.


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