Granite Is Not Just for the Kitchen

Granite Is Not Just for the Kitchen


One of the common priorities for homebuyers and homeowners alike is high-quality kitchen countertops, and in particular, granite is the material that is most demanded. However, the kitchen isn’t the only place where granite countertops are ideal to use.


Bathroom – There could be just as many spills and chores done in the bathroom as in the kitchen, therefore your bathroom should have a strong, durable countertop that is easy to clean and keep looking nice. When a good sealant is used, granite is stain-resistant and heat-resistant and can withstand all the work you will engage in your bathroom space.


Laundry – Having a solid space where you can do your scrubbing, folding, and other chores is a useful addition for any laundry room, and granite counters are up for the job.


Home Office – More and more people are working from home in recent times. If you have an office space, you may consider strong, durable counters in addition to or in place of a desk. They are easy to wipe down and keep clean, creating a formal, but elegant look in your office space.


Basement/Bar area – Many people want a space to relax, unwind and have a drink. A basement wet bar or kitchenette can be the great spot to chat with guests, and granite countertops can give that space the perfect look.


Patio – Many of us have an outdoor grill, but imagine having a little workspace to season your meats or serve your guests. A granite bar on your patio can handle the beating from weather exposure and can be simply wiped down when you’re ready to cook or serve.


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