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How to use Limestone in your next home project


We love writing about stones especially the ones about which people have little or no knowledge about. One of the most misunderstood natural stones, in our view, is Limestone. For the most part, they don’t know what to do with this gorgeous looking, elegant and classy stone and how they can use it in their home decoration project. In fact, there’s a very common myth about Limestone that it can’t be used as worktops because of its porous nature.  It may not be as strong as Marble and Granite, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make good use of this gorgeous variety of natural stones. Is it?

In fact, you’d be surprised to know that Limestone has been used to help construct some of the most well-known buildings in the world.

What is Limestone?

By definition, Limestone is a sedimentary rock composed of Calcium Carbonate, formed by the accumulation of shell, coral, mud, algae, organic marine debris or by direct crystallization from water. It usually forms in warm, clear, shallow marine waters. Limestone is found in many locations all over the world which includes the Caribbean Sea, Islands around the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

Tiles made from limestone are becoming increasingly popular in the Western countries because of its earthy colors. Even though these are lighter and softer than marbles and granite, it was used in construction in Turkey in ancient times in their traditional architectural masterpieces. So, if you just take little care of the tiles, they can go with a long way.

Limestone Tiles in House Flooring

Every one of us needs a beautiful home to live. You can effortlessly beautify your home by using limestone tiles for flooring. They are not just attractive, but also increase the value of your property. The best part is that limestone tiles and slabs come in a variety of colors, textures, and designs to suit all kinds of interiors.

Limestone in Exterior Facade

You can also consider using limestone in exterior facades. For those looking for a vintage look, can opt for Brushed Limestone. Limestone is the most favorable material for exterior facade as in case of any damage, the tile replacement is not a big issue. You can easily find a new piece with the exact color match and fit in the place of broken tile.

Limestone in Doorways

If you want to give your house a grand entrance, Limestone is the way to go. For any doorways around your home, having a limestone door can create a long-lasting ambiance with a twist of a throwback that will definitely impress your guests. With materials shipped directly from quarries in Turkey, you’ll have a truly authentic experience right in your home’s doorways!

Work it out with Limestone Worktops

For your bathroom or kitchen, limestone countertops can add character and grace. These aren’t just easy to maintain, but if taken good care, can last you a lifetime with no stain marks. Since there is a wide variety of color and texture choice available, you can match it with any interior design plan.

Partner with an expert interior designer and build the home of your dreams. Incorporating limestone into your home decoration project will give it a long-lasting style that exuberates luxury and sophistication.  

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