Is Granite the Best Choice for countertops?

Is Granite the Best Choice for countertops?


If you are trying to choose between quartz and granite, the price is one obvious consideration. However, aside from that, the most critical question to ask yourself is whether or not you’ll be happy with a hanmade synthetic material.


Quartz is quite stronger than granite when used for counters. This is due to it being hanmade; it doesn’t have any seams or cracks. But if you want a natural substance in your kitchen, you most likely will not be satisfied with quartz.


Many people tend to find the natural beauty of granite more appealing. There is also the joy of choosing between unique, natural occurring patterns in granite, you have a wide range to choose from until you find the one that fits your kitchen best. With quartz, your options are artificial, and there are allot fewer of them. With that being said, if you want a counter that’s simple to clean and maintain, and that can’t get stained or damaged, you probably will be happier with quartz. Granite is quite durable, Although, this doesn’t mean it’s impervious to harm.


What Can Damage Granite Counters?

Granite is one of the most durable options for counters; however, you’ll need to be careful with certain items. Your knives will not ruin the counters – instead, the counter is more likely to ruin your knife. Granite is extremely hard, and will quickly make your knives dull if you cut on it.


However, any high-impact hit to the counter is likely to cause it damage. Granite can chip easily compared to other materials because it’s made up of a lot of crystals pressed together. It can also absorb liquids if you don’t seal it, which can lead to stains.  But can you put hot pans on a granite surface? Yes – granite is formed under intense heat, therefore hot things won’t affect it.


Is Granite Counters Right for You?

There is no such thing as a single perfect material for counters. Although, granite’s natural beauty and hardness make granite counters one of the most popular choices today. It’s really durable, even though it is not the most durable material on the market.


Carefully weigh the pros and cons and decide what is important to you. Then, when you know which countertop material you like best or have any questions to assist with your decision, contact us to get started.  00902168070987


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