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Eco-friendly, rustic and rugged marble has a natural charm to it. They are one of the most versatile materials to work with and have the ability to give a timeless and elegant look to the design.

Every marble stone adds its own unique character to the design. While quartz and granite are the most readily used stones, interior designers tend to experiment with stone varieties like cuddapah, limestone and soapstone for years. Here are some great ways to use marble to add glamour to your living spaces.

Marble architectural features

Designing architectural elements of space in marble like staircases, bathrooms or fireplaces can instantly lift up the entire living space and add grandeur to it. In addition, it is equally important to accessorize these spaces with cohesive materials.

Marble Inlay

Adding artistic inlay to flooring or the walls using the natural marble adds allure and elegance to the space. Using quartz or crystal gives a neat finish to the area where it is applied. Another great option is to use marble inlay for tabletops or center table for a stylish yet a royal look.

Marble sculptures

To add an antique and refreshing vibe to living space, the addition of a display item or sculpture on a counter can be added. It furnishes a sleek and rich appearance to the interiors.

Marble surfaces

Due to marble being a natural stone, each stone is different from the other granting it a unique form and design. It can also be used as a backlit for living spaces to enhance its beauty further.

Marble furniture

In the recent years, marble furniture has made a comeback in the world of modern interior design. Utilizing marble to create furniture such as dining tables, shelves or even innovative lights has been trending for some time now. It can be combined with contrasting textures like wood, brass and metallic to give a warmer feel to your design.

Marble has once again made a modern twist in the world of architecture and interior design. Although, it is equally important to not go overboard with it. Therefore, choose wisely!


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