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The Pasha Pure White and Delta White marble has been long standing as a symbol of purity, luxury and sophistication. The white marble ranges from angelic to dramatic, offering an extensive variety of luxurious choices for various applications. Moreover, the elegant, abstract veins on the Delta white marble break up the monotony and attach a fascinating, unique character to the interiors.

What makes white marble so popular?

  1. Self-evidently, white marble is timeless. It is unparalleled when it comes to class and aesthetics. It looks amazing and creates some enviable Instagram posts.
  2. Makes the room seem spacious Pasha Pure White marble reflects light and visually expands the space. Regardless of the conventional polished white marble and opt for a contemporary 3D surface finish, it only adds to the volume of the living area.
  3. Complements any theme White is a serene color that harmonizes with almost any color theme you choose for your home – right from wooden furniture to metallic décor, it is utterly versatile and pairs spectacularly with almost anything. This is exceptionally helpful if you plan to redecorate your home once in a while without taking apart the walls and floors altogether.
  4. White exudes calmness and peace. Home is where you uncover some peace of mind. And white marble does just that. The chaste stone for certain adds to a tranquil ambience, filling your soul with a sweeping sense of calmness as soon as you enter the room.

What’s new in white Marble?

Undeniably white marble is eternally beautiful, but is it always a flawless, immaculate white piece of marble that is the favored choice for adorning modern homes? No, it’s not. More and more homeowners are gravitating towards vibrant veins and exquisite patterns. Subsequent to the flawless white marble, homeowners and designers alike are embracing the veins and patterns on white marble such as Orion White and Olimpic White Stary.

Should I buy pure white or veined marble marble?

Whether you are into stark white marble or marble with more grains – each one holds its own merits. Venture though various options and possibilities before coming to a decision and making the purchase. Regardless of their unique designs, quality marble grants value to your home, adding to its beauty over the years. Essentially, marble is purchased once but lasts with you forever. Call us to enquire about premium white marble from abroad and imported across the globe.


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