Marbles: Elegant Material utilized in Architecture for Centuries

Marbles: Elegant Material utilized in Architecture for Centuries


Marble is a timeless stone with a wide range of characteristics. It is known to be one of the relatively few rocks of its kind. Its astonishing beauty is the basis for its popular use in both building and sculpture. On the other hand, its remarkable chemical characteristics make it one of the most dominant materials for use in agriculture and pharmaceuticals. Marble is employed for a variety of building projects due to its amplitude, features, and most notably, its beauty.

Due to it being one of the most valuable rocks and its numerous special qualities; it has been used in a variety of sectors. Almost all renowned building in the world is a marble building.

The Turkish Marble Company is one of the largest marble exporters and suppliers. In this article, we attempt to bring you the strong reasons behind selecting marble interiors over other materials.

Marble Building & Interiors: History of Its Beauty

This stone has a vast history and has been used for centuries as an architectural and interior component. The construction of the Temple of Theseus, Olympia, and portions of the Parthenon in ancient Greece is known to be where marble was first used. Although, it also plays a critical structural role in the Taj Mahal, the Greeks and Romans were the civilizations that employed marble the most invariably.

In the past, this stone material was a symbol of money and luxury, although due to advancements in cutting and processing technology, it is now widely accessible in cheap forms for everyone to enjoy. Due to this fact, marble interiors are an underlying favorite in the majority of residences all over the world.

3 Reasons Why Marble is utilized in Trendy Architecture

Here are the three grand benefits of marble buildings and marble interiors in the 21st century.

  1. Marble is quite strong

Marble is one of the most durable rocks amongst all natural stones. This makes it perfectly ideal for building. The remarkable illustrations of marble’s durability are the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Taj Mahal. It is suitable for both interior and outdoor design due to its high level of climatic, weather, and erosion resistance.

  1. Resistance to heat and fire

Marble and granite are one of the most heats and fire-resistant rocks found in nature. Particularly in hot climates, marble is the material of choice for decorating interiors. Marble can retain its coolness at high temperatures, making it almost like a natural air conditioner.

Some of the notable characteristics of marble interiors include its resilience to heat and fire. Given these characteristics, it is one of the most favored raw materials in modern commercial buildings.

  1. Using marble is an affordable option

Marble is distinguished for its outstanding and pricey beauty as a raw material. Despite this, marble is quite affordable. It is one of the most economical options available. However, the quality type, pattern, and thickness of the marble all affect the cost of this brilliant building material.

Marble is most certainly the finest choice to go with if you’re seeking the finest material for your home or business that is both economical and functional while providing the desired natural appearance.

It provides any kind of commercial structure that refined, airy feeling. Marble is the pristine flooring material if you want your office to look clean and ageless which are both essential design elements.

Get Premium Marble Building Material with The Turkish Marble Company

For more than three decades, The Turkish Marble Company has been supplying marble to property owners from different parts of the world. We have lived and breathed marble as a natural stone for years and we perfectly know about the striking transformation it can bring to your home or office.

Some of our most popular varieties include:

Whether you are looking for marble building material in bulk, or wish to fashion an attractive marble interior, our experts are always here to help you. Get in touch with us for a consultation.

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