We Are Seeing a Pattern with Granite: Strong Striations and Distinctive Veining

We Are Seeing a Pattern with Granite: Strong Striations and Distinctive Veining


While trends in kitchen and bath design come and go, one thing has been certain for some time. Granite has been one of the top countertop choices for decades. And it’s no wonder. Not only is granite durable and long-lasting. It also presents a timeless beauty and a sense of luxury wherever it’s used. Since no two slabs of granite are ever alike and completely unique, homeowners and designers often use this uniqueness to help showcase their granite countertops as the centerpiece of their kitchens or baths. Today’s most popular granite options feature distinctive veining patterns that catches the. These strong and striking striations help add a sense of individuality, and of course luxury, to kitchen and bath designs.


Even if they happen to come from the exact same quarry, no two granite slabs will ever be the same. Since it is made up of different types of crystals, the color of granite varies depending on the minerals found in any given piece of stone. The colorful stripes and flecks visible throughout are simply the handiwork of Mother Nature. The most frequent colors you’ll see in granite are white, gray, black, pink, and orange. Though you could occasionally come across greens, browns, and blues as well.


Though granite is an extremely hard substance and resistant to high temperatures and scratches, it also does require some love and attention to keep in good shape. Besides from cleaning it regularly with a soft cloth, warm water, and mild soap, you will also want to be sure to seal your granite every year or so. Sealing will help prevent absorption of any spills that might occur. (However don’t worry, today’s sealers make the process as easy as spraying and wiping. It’s not a difficult job at all.)


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