What are the different types and colors Of Onyx


Onyx Marble is acing the game of interior designing by slowly becoming a trendy pick for anyone who wants to create a breathtaking impression. People chasing to design something royal and elegant are definitely chasing Onyx Marble Stone for all the good reasons!

From being a popular choice for the flooring to being a go-to option for wall claddings, wainscot, vanity tops, and table tops – Onyx has become the new trendsetter.

Here are different types and colors of Onyx you could choose from for your exteriors or interiors and create a bespoke ambiance suiting your style and preference!

White Onyx Marble

First on the list is the classic White Onyx Marble which is a great choice for people who are especially looking to create a professional casual decent outlook. Restaurants and hotels use White Onyx Marble for their lobbies or pathways to create a classic decent look. The transparency element of White Onyx Marble makes it look all the more elegant and it’s a great choice for common area flooring.

Black Onyx Marble

The most popular type of Onyx Marble is the Black Onyx Marble – which makes the loudest impression due to its super-rich and sophisticated outlook. The natural veins and patterns on this stone coupled with the translucent nature makes it a perfect choice for people who’re looking to create a sophisticated and modern look. It can also work wonders if you’re trying to create a luxurious minimalistic look – from your bathroom wall tiling to kitchen countertops or even flooring.

Blue Onyx Marble

Different natural hues of blues are also found in Onyx Marble which can be a great choice when you’re trying to create a natural outlook for your home. These stones come in opaque, semi-transparent and transparent styles – leaving various options to choose from as they stand very unique from each other. If you want to create a very naturally cool style, Blue Onyx Marble is definitely worth a check.

Brown Onyx Marble

If the earthy vibe is what you’re chasing while building your space, Brown Onyx Marble checks all the boxes. Brown Onyx Marble comes in various patterns – from dark brown shades with lighter textures and patterns to lighter shades of Brown Onyx Marble with reddish veins and patterns. These stones create an outstanding impression when you want to achieve a natural earthy look while also being very sophisticated and elegant!

Red Onyx Marble

Red Onyx Marble stands quite individualistic in the lot and is a rather bold and loud option, suiting homes that are created with a more retro look. It makes for a perfect flooring, kitchen countertops, bathroom wall tiling, common area flooring, and attractive wall claddings. The dark shades of red with beautiful patterns and veins create the beautiful metallic-retro look, achieving a very lively, passionate and cheerful tone!

These are some of the most popular and sought after Onyx Marble Stone types to choose from. Pick out from the best quality stones perfecting your interior designing needs!

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