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What are the most popular uses of Onyx


Onyx is one of the most luxurious and elite semi-precious stones formed by black and white parallel bands. It has been around since ancient times and is known to be used by the Greeks and the Romans as a matter of high social status.

Using Onyx Stone can change and levitate the overall look of your home! They make for excellent flooring, countertops and wall panel choices with their light-reflective nature, instantly adding a touch of elegance to your home.

Here are the most popular uses of Onyx

Onyx makes for great tabletops!

One of the most popular uses of Onyx which is most trending right now is the tabletops! You can choose from a variety of Onyx texture and design options that goes best with the overall interiors of your home. As a tabletop, it best justifies the luxurious vibes with its pitch-black outlay and the white bands creating a starry night effect.

Since these stones are not the high-maintenance types, you can create an elegant look for your dining room even you don’t have the time for high maintenance. You can also choose from the lighter shades of Onyx to match the theme of your home.

Beautiful and exotic wall panels

Who does not love a beautifully laid out wall panel in the living room or any other guest area? Onyx stones are rare to find and thus are super exclusive having the ability to pull off most elegant looks! They instantly add an element of luxury, richness, and uniqueness to your home. Depending on your preferred style from – contemporary, modern, minimalistic, rustic, traditional or palatial, choose from lighter to darker shades. Best color options would be those that sync up and compliment well with the paint and size of your room.


Next most popular usage of onyx is for flooring. Laying out your flooring plan with onyx stone definitely helps you achieve a super luxurious look! Complement it with the right choice of seating furniture and novelties and voila – you can create the perfect luxurious look for your home. Onyx is definitely one of the top stone choices amongst people who want to achieve luxurious and elite outlooks for their homes. This also explains why some of the most expensive and luxurious hotels use Onyx for their flooring.

Fireplaces or small kitchen Islands

Onyx by nature is a tough stone that does not corrode and has high withstanding points to varying temperatures. This makes it a good choice for usage in the fireplaces. You can quite literally light up your space with Onyx Fireplaces. The beautiful reflective nature of this stone adds all the more life to your fireplace area coupled with the colorful bright charm natural fire brings in! They also make for great Kitchen Islands, elevating your kitchen to an elite palatial-looking one.

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