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why limestone is a good option for flooring | turkish marble company

Why Limestone is a good pick for Flooring


Limestone can be a great pick for flooring but it’s the most underrated option as most people only look at the more popular choices like – marble, granite or the very man-made engineered stone. Being less popular does not make Limestone any less competent. We’ve put together five reasons you should choose Limestone for your flooring, other than – it’s-so-off-beat-and-cool (literally too!)

Limestone Flooring is incredibly durable

Limestone is hard as a rock. Well, it is actually a sedimentary rock which makes it extremely durable. It does not wear so easily and thus is the best option for your flooring – be it indoors or outdoors. At the surface, they’re really soft and are totally easy on your feet. But this smoothness does not compromise on its long durability. When sealed properly, these stones do not chip, scratch, stain or be damaged in other forms which makes them the best option especially for busy areas.

 Limestone Flooring is a timeless beauty!

Formed naturally by the geological processes of the earth some thousands of years ago, limestone has the most earthy and natural characteristics, making them a timeless beauty. The various colors, patterns, and tones of limestone is very unique and diverse. So if you choose Limestone Flooring, you can create a flooring space that does not look monotonous and has a great variation to it.

Good news! Limestone Flooring is super easy to clean

Maintenance of flooring is definitely something to look into before choosing your flooring option. Limestone Flooring is perfectly low maintenance and you can get your cleaning done with as little as sweeping with a brush and mopping the floor. You don’t need heavy cleaning agents to help you clean your Limestone Flooring and stick to the basics of cleaning – sweep and mop!

Limestone Flooring is cost-effective

Since Limestone is found in abundance across various continents, the pricing is incredibly cheap. If you’re looking for a beautiful flooring choice that does not burn holes in your pocket, your go-to should be Limestone Flooring. Since it’s fairly abundant in availability, it’s the perfect budget-friendly flooring choice, whilst not compromising on the rich natural look.

Limestone Flooring is sophisticated and minimalistic!

With minimalistic interior designs making loudest roars in the market today, limestone Flooring is the perfect choice that goes along with homes that are created to be sophisticated yet minimalistic. With soft nature, natural tones and rich earthy vibes, it goes well with any modernistic and sophisticated home interiors. A combination of muted tones and high versatility in structure helps create a decent, comfortable and elegant finish to any room of your home. Besides, they also make for a great choice when it comes to table countertops, bathroom tiles, and kitchen worktops.

Hope these reasons convinced you on how Limestone Flooring can be your perfect flooring choice! So, shop away and create beautiful flooring for your home that’s off-beat, cool (even literally), cost-effective and simply beautiful.

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